3:00 in the Afternoon
Lake Como Reflections ll
Cafe on the Seine
Albergo Reposo
Venice Awakenings
Valet Parking
A Life Observed
Domain Chandon
For An Audience of One
Romance in the Rain
Dweller on the Threshold
A Dream Within A Dream
 Paris...I'm hopelessly addicted to painting this beautiful city.
The Perfect Dress
 I only had a 3 hour layover in Las Vegas and I wanted to see the Bellagio Hotel.   It's funny, I didn't anticipate that the scene that would grab my attention would be the very quiet, very small bar on the way out.       SOLD
 This is my husband standing in front of Notre Dame.  I told him to act like he was smoking to make it feel more European.   He wanted me to name it, 'Good Looking Guy in Front of Notre Dame'.   Two things i love....my hubby and the beautiful church.     SOLD
Sharon's World
 Have you been to the restaurant in the D'Orsay museum?  If not, put it on your bucket list.   How fitting for such a great museum to have a must see restaurant.     SOLD      
 Paris Flower Shop.   It just begged to be painted.
On the Wings of the Wind
After Hours
When Love Falls Like Rain
Bacchus Venus
 I won an international award from the pastel society on this little painting.   It's a scene from a hotel in downtown Portland.   Who would have thought?   I just loved the beautiful warmth of the room and atmosphere.   SOLD
 My lovely niece, Elise, at the piano.   I wanted to capture the beauty of this young woman, completely immersed in song.     SOLD
 I loved this restaurant in Washington D.C.   It has such history.   I wanted to capture the dark, smokey atmosphere.  SOLD
 I'm sad to say this incredible restaurant in Portland is no longer open.  Luckily, I was able to paint a few pieces of it while it was still open.     SOLD
Quiet Afternoon
 I waited outside this Paris flower shop until I found the perfect customer(s).   What drew me to this woman was how beautifully she was dressed and how well she carried herself while out grocery and flower shopping.  She was  lady of elegance.       SOLD
Al Boccolino
Shoo Shoo Baby
Le Librarie
 I love great restaurants and this proved to be one of my favorites in downtown Portland.    SOLD
A man with his axe
 This is actually a good sized painting.   I hesitate to paint things that are so inherently beautiful because how can you do them justice?  But,  every once in a great while I have to do it.  They are just too beautiful to resist.   SOLD
The Georgian
The Forgotten
Paris Breeze
 This little alcove is in the basement of the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.    Somehow the intimacy of it and the candles, representing prayers, called to me more than the grandeur of the upper floors.  SOLD
The Tasting
GM Commissioned Painting
Painting of Elise Forte
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